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When employees were asked "Why They Enjoy Working at Union General Hospital?" here are some of their responses:

1.            What persuaded you to accept an offer at our company?

A.) Over the years the hospital has constantly moved forward and is continuously growing and improving. I knew becoming a part of the Union General Family would offer stability and would be a great place to help transition into the career setting I had longed for. 

2.     What are three benefits of working here?

        A.) Like I previously stated this facility offers great stability.

             The ability to grow within the Hospital.

            Also, having the ability to gain as much knowledge about different areas and roles here at the hospital.

3.     Is there anything that surprised you?

A.)The staff’s communication with one another about different events that will take place at the Hospital and in the community has been very informative. Because we have such a small town, I feel as if that’s very important to be able to interact with the community and vice versa.

4. Would you refer a friend to work here? Is yes, why?

        A.) Yes, I would definitely refer a friend or TWO; because this is a great facility to put your set skills to work/use. Union General is constantly moving forward in creating new ways to meet the expectations of the public as well as the staff. Great work environment!


Ariel Loyd,

Medicaid Billing

My name is Mercille Wilks and I am a proud forty (40) year retiree of Union General Hospital. I live in Farmerville, LA.

When Union General Hospital opened, I was among the first cadre of employees. I began my tenure as a Nurses ’Aide  at  Union General on April 1, 1975. The Administrator was Mr. Tom McCarty and the Nurses’ Aide Supervisor was Mrs. Mable  Stennet. Over the years there were various other persons who served as CEO’S of the hospital;  however, at the time of my retirement my immediate Supervisor was Mrs. Darra Jung and the illustrious CEO was Mrs. Evalyn Ormond.

My job duties as a Nurses’ Aide/Assistant included making patients comfortable by attending to their needs, being aware of the logistics for patients being admitted and/or discharged; addressing the diversities of patient treatments; and always assisting the duty nurses in whatever additional concerns that required attention.

My every day goal was to complete my duties with integrity, compassion and the utmost professionalism. My personal work ethic was to be at work on time – punctuality is and has always been very important to me. It was always enlightening to share my work philosophy with new hires to help them with any need in order for them to become more proficient at their duties.

Post retirement for me has meant time to enjoy fishing, gardening and outdoor yard work, vacationing and participating with other retirees at our Union Parish Council on Aging facility. On the day of my retirement I jokingly stated that I no longer had need for a watch or a clock, certainly not another time clock!!

I can proudly say that I thank God for Union General Hospital. It is the absolute best facility to work for! Thank you to the current staff and administration for allowing me to share my memories of the many, many awesome days of employment at Union General – the best hospital in Union Parish!